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is what I am
Faith is who I am
Faith is what I believe in
Faith is what believes in me

Faith keeps me going
on the right path
of this journey of life
Faith helps me play the
game, win the race

Faith teaches me to
forgive and forget
Faith allows me to love
and be loved
To be the person I am

Comfortable in my own skin
Proud of who I am
Kind to others
Real, compassionate
and faithful

My faith is
what truly defines
WHO I am
WHY I am
a part of the Great I AM
In this modern day and age where normal living has become SURVIVAL, many people need a little extra help to cope, especially when people ...

*   want to take their dreary or distressed lives to a higher and more rewarding level, seeing that every person only has ONE LIFE to live - but they simply do not know how to make it happen ...

*   are emotionally traumatised by severe marriage problems, divorce, unemployment, dread disease, loss, bankruptcy ... and they know they need support to recover but simply do not have the TIME, the ENERGY or the MONEY to go and look for the help they need ...

*   are so lost and tired of their constant battle with life, they don’t even know where to find direction and momentum again ...

*   realize they deserve so much better in life and they are willing to do anything to improve on it, but they need easy step-by-step instructions to keep them focused and motivated along the way ...

*   are desperate to move forward in life but are stuck in the past due to emotional scarring because of molestation, abuse, rejection, betrayal, etc.  They badly want to extricate themselves from the emotional bondages but have no clue where to start ....

*   struggle with grudges, resentment, bitterness and anger because of undeserved injustices they were subject to and they find they are powerless to rid themselves of the emotional damage as they have no idea how to begin the healing process ...

*   realize that, by changing themselves, they will be able to overcome the biggest problems in their lives, but they don’t know how to start the changing process in themselves ...

*   are willing to make a small positive investment in their own personal growth just so that they too will be able to enjoy happiness and success:  maybe a better job, a loving partner, a successful relationship, an own place to live, but they don’t know where to begin ...

THIS IS WHERE THE BandAid Strip's LIFE MAKEOVER email course series comes in - where people can initiate their own AFFORDABLE personal journey - in their OWN TIME, at their OWN PACE and in their OWN SPACE - an easy, complete, step-by-step discovery to a better life.

The fact that the course is divided into different sections (modules) dealing with the past, throughout the present, into the future, makes it a practical success recipe.

The assignments are gradually delivered by email after your emotional needs have been defined and the course customized according to your personal needs.  Although you will never be pressured, you may be gently reminded when it is time for the next step.

You never write an exam, never share your most intimate secrets or experiences with anyone except yourself. You learn, memorise and apply only what you need while the practical assignments help you discover yourself in-depth.

Each module covers a certain section of your journey and such a module costs only R200 and can take 4 - 6 weeks to complete - or even longer.  After the completion of a module, you have the option to continue with the next module, or not.  You decide as you are in control.

Throughout the course you will be kept informed of the progress made, the knowledge shared and the self-discovery that you participated in, as well as the motivation behind it.

The course's first module deals with the roots of e.g. anger, rejection and depression issues as it deals with the release of the past and delivery from emotional wounds and scarring resulting from negative experiences and challenges you struggled with in your life.  It teaches how to move away from the trap of victim mentality, how to understand the power behind your emotions, and how to know when it is time to let go.   And finally, how to cut it off!

The second module deals with emotional rescue and healing as it teaches you how to scan your life for hidden damage, toxic influences, negative habits and controlling memory culprits while guiding you step by step on how to restore, detox and reclaim your life.  It guides you through a complete life audit and helps you to understand the concept of a hidden TRUE YOU:   somebody unique and perfect, born for easy success, true fulfilment and total happiness, etc.

The third module deals with self-development:  the deep-penetrating restoration of your inner core, the improvement of your self-esteem, the increase of your self-worth and the discovery of your rare potential, e.g. how to gain self-confidence, focus, self-discipline, momentum, perseverance, positive mental associations, etc.

The fourth module deals with how to discover your hidden TRUE SELF, how to identify your special gifts, talents, abilities, passions and skills, and how to combine it with your TRUE SELF so that happiness, fulfilment, success, abundance and prosperity can be effortlessly achieved.

The fifth module deals with how to define and design your ultimate dreams and ideals, how to make the impossible possible, what you need to look out for, what to be aware of, how to prevent failure, how to turn defeat into success, how to handle doubts effectively, how to trust your instinct explicitly, and how to persevere until you have achieved and gained everything you deserve and desire!

This UNIQUE AND AFFORDABLE self-help course series can, with your cooperation, positively change you and your life by empowering you to become self-confident, focused, bold, unstoppable, and with patient persistence to redesign your life and future any way your heart desires.

start from the beginning and finish with the last module
do only certain modules BUT, as they serve as building blocks, it is not advised to try and do it backwards e.g. module 5 then module 3.

If you are interested in signing up, please forward me your email address and we will take it from there: or sms/whapp 082 392 1663

Die LIFE MAKEOVER e-kursus reeks -
‘n maklike, prettige, stap-vir-stap, beproefde, suksesvolle plan van aksie oor hoe om die WARE JY te ontdek en te ontgin!
Kontak my gerus vir die Afrikaanse weergawe van die e-kursus reeks se omskrywing.
                                                              How to rescue your relationship   ...  PAGE 5
The LIFE MAKEOVER e-course series

an easy, fun, step-by-step, tried and tested, successful plan of action on HOW TO discover and recover the TRUE YOU

Some people dream of catching stars
to glean from them some light,
but I would like to shape a star
and send it whirling into flight.

The product of my passion's fire
to mold it with my naked hands,
and feel the searing pain of flesh
as my star grows bold and grand.

If then I offer it to God,
I'll fling it with all my might
and gasp as it, a piece of me,
assumes its place in the
heavenly night.

Marriage & relationship counselling
Divorce mediation/prevention
D.I.Y. Divorce guidance

Life crisis management skills
(life survival skills/
how to survive trauma)

Life Makeover self-help
therapy courses/workshops
(Healing and restoration after
divorce, bad breakup, life trauma)

*  e(mail)-Therapy
*  Personal consultations
*  Practical workshops/lectures
*  e-Courses -
easy, self-help,
step-by-step training via
digital products

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