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Why do most people need time to heal and recover after a bad breakup or divorce?

Because a breakup (separation or divorce) is traumatic!  In fact, it is one of the major traumas of our modern world.

But what is a trauma? It is when something bad happens to you.  Something that impacts you as a person and your life in such a way that neither you, nor your life, will ever be the same again.  A trauma can change the quality and the course of your life, without you realising it.

Then, one day, you wake up and realise you are totally lost in your own life.  Nothing worked out the way you anticipated and you ended up in a bad, bad place where frustration, confusion, depression, pain and unhappiness are often your only companions on this journey called LIFE.

The problem is that we tell ourselves that whatever happened to us, is "just" life.  We can cope with it, we have to.  Everybody else does. 

But we never realise that these have to cope with incidents or experiences that we suffer, change us on the inside:  the way we think, the way we remember, the way we do, the way we make decisions and choices, the way we see ourselves afterwards, and eventually it changes our course in life ... thus ending up unhappy, dazed, confused, with money problems, relationship problems, adjustment problems, self-esteem problems, anger problems, etc. to the point where your life becomes dysfunctional

Most people start smoking, drinking, partying, sexing, drugging ... anything to try and cope with the major damage inside themselves which often accumulated over years and even a life time.  The modern term used to collect all these traumas, hurts and pain under one label, is DEPRESSIONDepression means:  you are overwhelmed and you are losing control over your life because you are confused.  You don't see the clear picture of your life anymore.  Let me use an example to explain:

The reason why you feel lost and confused is because ... when you were born, it was as a perfect, flawless picture consisting of a certain amount of puzzle pieces.  As you grow and progress in life, you are supposed to learn how to fit these pieces together so that your life can be a perfect picture with clear definition, balance and harmony.

But, every time something bad happened to you, those pieces were added to your puzzle box: 
You were molested or ill-treated as a small defenceless child - those pieces were added to your puzzle box. 
*  You were rejected and abused as a teenager - those pieces were added to your puzzle box. 
*  You became pregnant and a single mother - those pieces were added to your puzzle box.
*  You got dumped by a boyfriend or two - more pieces for your puzzle box. 
*  You lost your job and became poor, dependent and unemployed - more pieces ...
*  You got married to a porn addict, a drunkard, an abuser or a bully - more pieces ...
*  You became seriously ill and experienced helplessness, hopelessness and fear - more pieces ...
*  Your husband threw you and the children out in the middle of the night - more pieces ...
*  You divorced him and he made sure you will remember the emotional scarring forever - a heap of more pieces to add to your puzzle box. 
*  You have to start all over again with nothing except a mountain of legal debt - more pieces for your puzzle box.
*  Your child became ill and passed away - your puzzle box is overflowing! 

Eventually you need alcohol, tranquilisers, anti-depressants, cigarettes, sleeping tablets and pain killers to face your day, and by now your puzzle pieces are so many, you cant even see your puzzle box with your original picture anymore = depression.

How do you fix yourself and your life? 
How do you find yourself beneath this gigantic heap of foreign puzzle pieces?  How do you begin to look for the original TRUE YOU with your original TRUE PICTURE?

First, you need to decide you are ... worth it.
Then you accept it is going to take time, but it is going to be ... worth it. 
Then you are going to start reclaiming your life, step-by-step, without giving up because your life is ... worth it. 
Then you tackle your puzzle box and get rid of all the pieces that do not belong there.
With every puzzle piece you identify as not being part of your original picture, you reclaim your TRUE life and destiny - taking back your control!  Good news is:  it is never too late to restore your life according to your wants, needs and desires!

How can you make it happen?
There is an easy, affordable, unique, one-of-a-kind, step-by-step roadmap on the next page (Self-help e-courses) called LIFE MAKEOVER.

This e-course will help you unpack your life, piece by piece:  in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space.  There are no exams or tests, no uncomfortable shame or blame, no demands ... just a deep cleansing and a gentle healing through self-discovery that eventually turns into recovery.

Hierdie epos kursus kan jou leer hoe om jouself in diepte te ontdek, ontgin en ontwikkel soos jy nie gedink het moontlik is nie.  Jy mag antwoorde op vrae ontdek wat jy nooit eers gedink het antwoorde het nie.

Jy mag leer hoe om jou eie gedagtes te leer ken, dieselfde gedagtes wat emosies binne-in jou losmaak wat lei tot sekere aksie - m.a.w. hoekom jy sekere dinge doen en nie doen nie.

Jy mag uitvind waarom jy so sukkel om vooruit te kom in die lewe en bowenal mag jy leer hoe om hierdie struikelblokke en bindinge af te breek - m.a.w. hoe om jou lewe te ontsmet sodat jy los, vry en gelukkig kan wees.

Boonop mag hierdie reeks jou wys hoe om emosioneel gesond te word sodat jy fisies gesond kan word.  Dit mag jou help om al die vishoeke aan jou siel te identifiseer en van dit ontslae te raak.  Inteendeel, hierdie reeks mag jou help om jou verlede oor te skryf deurdat jy al die positief sal kan gaan uithaal om te bre en kosbare lesse uit die negatief sal kan leer voordat jy dit finaal uit jou lewe verban. 

Daarna mag hierdie reeks-kursus jou leer hoe om hierdie nuwe boublokke te gebruik om vir jouself n nuwe self-identiteit, n vars selfbeeld, kosbare eiewaarde, onwrikbare selfvertroue, selfaanvaarding en n splinternuwe lewe vir jouself te bou.  n Toekoms om op trots wees met n plan om alles te kan kry wat jou hart begeer en verdien.

This particular e-course series will provide you with teaching and training on HOW TO turn your life around spectacularly.  It will share valuable life makeover information, life survival lessons, tips, secrets, self-rescue guidelines, support, motivation, inspiration and spiritual truths you never knew existed.

The best part is, it is CONVENIENT with emails gradually delivered to your inbox, thereby gently reminding and nudging you to keep the pace. 

No, the best part is, it is AFFORDABLE!  The whole course, from to start to end, is divided into different modules where each can take 4 - 8 weeks to complete at a steady, comfortable pace.  Every module costs only R200, giving you the freedom to decide which modules you want to do and when you want to opt-out.

Once you have completed this e-course, you will be able to be who you are supposed to be, you will be able to do what you are supposed to do, you will be able to live the life you always dreamed about. 

Remember:  you have all the keys your need to unlock a new life for yourself, right inside of you.  This e-course series will help you find them and show you how to use them.

All you need to do is to send me an email confirming that you want to join this unique LIFE MAKEOVER series: and we take it from there.

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Feeling rejected ...

angry, lost, confused or damaged  after a divorce or a breakup?
Die BandAid Strip se
volledige LIFE MAKEOVER reeks oor self-help terapie is n unieke reeks-kursus wat jou treetjie vir treetjie help om die verlede agter te laat en n nuwe lewe vir jouself te skep!

(Sien op volgende bladsy)

Jy weet nie hoe seer ek het nie!

Party vrouens beleef baie ...
en beleef ... en beleef ...
Dinge het met hulle gebeur wat nie regverdig was nie, nie reg was nie, nie goed was nie en dinge wat hulle nie verdien het nie.  Maar tog het dit gebeur en dit het hulle diep verwond agtergelaat - getraumatiseer deur emosies van smart en verlies ...

As jy innerlik en emosioneel verwond is, affekteer dit jou psige op baie verskillende maniere.  n Vrou wat getraumatiseer is, kan dikwels nie helder dink nie.  Sy voel soms verward en deurmekaar in haar denke, kompleet asof haar emosies haar kop oorheers wat haar laat voel asof sy in sirkels verdwaal ...

n Vrou wat verwond is, vind dit baie moeilik om n emosionele balans te handhaaf omdat haar wonde rou en oop bly.  Die feit dat sy diep verwond en emosioneel gekrenk is, beteken dat haar eiewaarde ook erg geknou is ...

Sy voel byna ontmens - want daar is n afskilfering van haar identiteit en eiewaarde.  Sy ervaar n verlaagde begrip van haar individualiteit - van dit wat haar kosbaar en uniek maak.  Daar is selfs n gevoel dat haar lewe onherroepelik besmet en verlaag is.  Sy voel kwesbaar en tog ook soms bitter en woedend omdat sy die slagoffer van die lewe se wreedheid was ...

God roep ons egter tot vergifnis en een van die grootste foute wat ons omtrent vergifnis maak, is dat ons dink dit beteken om te vergeet terwyl dit nie moontlik is om ooit volkome te vergeet nie. Vergifnis is egter n manier om los te kom van die web van pyn en verbittering sodat jy kan begin genees en herstel ...

Ons weet ons genesing is besig om plaas te vind wanneer ons nie meer in die verwonding van die verlede leef nie.  Ons kan onthou sonder die pyn.  Ons is dus nie meer verstrik in die rou emosies wat met die wond vereenselwig word nie.

n Wond is n gebeurtenis, maar genesing is n proses ...
moet dus nie die proses aanjaag nie.  Wanneer God n letsel oor n traumatiese gebeurtenis in jou psige laat vorm, mag jy dalk nog n herinnering aan die pynlike gebeurtenis oorhou, maar die pyn is weg - net n letsel is oor wat beteken die pyn het sy houvas oor jou verloor ...

Skande is iets wat mense op jou plaas, maar God roep jou by jou naam , en nie volgens die naam van jou pyn of stigma nie.  Hy s vir jou:  Jy is Myne.  Jy behoort aan My.  En al wat saakmaak is aan Wie jy behoort - nie wat jy deurgemaak het nie ...

Moenie dat jou pyn, lyding, vernedering of ander se sonde jou definieer nie - moenie ander enigsins toelaat om jou te definieer nie, want mense probeer graag ander verander om by hulle eie standaarde aan te pas.  Moenie aan ander se verwagtinge voldoen nie, voldoen net aan God se verwagtinge en wees jou eie, unieke, kosbare mens ...

Onthou:  dit maak nie saak wat jy deurgemaak het nie.  Dit maak nie saak wat jy NIE deurgemaak het nie.  Dit is wat voor jou l, wat saakmaak.  Daarom, kies 'n nuwe begin!

During or after a divorce or breakup, everything feels disrupted and uncertainty about the future is the worst as it bombards you with fear, anxiety and stress... 

What if
I cannot cope on my own?
What if I never find somebody else to love and to be loved in return?
What if I have to grow old alone? ...

You might find that "why" and "what if" start to play major roles in your daily dialogue with yourself, and don't be surprised to find that these unknowns often seem worse than the unhappy relationship or marriage itself ...

But soon you will discover the secret of transformation hidden in all traumas of life and you'll know everything has a time and a season, and you cannot rush it.  So, learn to embrace it with patience because things always work out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out.

So take the first step to a brand new YOU and a fresh new beginning
through this unique, affordable and life-changing opportunity! (next page)


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