The BandAid Strip
Counselling/Coaching Services

Place of hope, healing and new beginnings!

Marriage & relationship counselling
Divorce mediation/prevention
D.I.Y. Divorce guidance

Life crisis management skills
(life survival skills/
how to survive trauma)

Life Makeover self-help
therapy courses/workshops
(Healing and restoration after
divorce, bad breakup, life trauma)

*  e(mail)-Therapy
*  Personal consultations
*  Practical workshops/lectures
*  e-Courses -
easy, self-help,
step-by-step training via
digital products

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Hi there, and welcome!

I trust you will find here whatever you need or are looking for to heal, change, restore, uplift or improve your life.

Baie welkom hier by die BandAid Strip!

Ek vertrou dat jy, wat jy ookal benodig om jou lewe te genees, herstel, te verander, op te lig of te verbeter, hier sal vind.

Alhoewel die World Wide Web meer toeganklik is vir Engels, is jy welkom om my enige tyd in Afrikaans te kontak.

Why is the BandAid Strip so unique, different and super-effective?

1.   It offers a powerful combination of AFFORDABLE counselling and coaching at the same time:
-  Counselling is:  Please, help me find out what is wrong with me or my life ...
-  Coaching is:  Now, show me how to fix it ...

2.  It offers emotional healing to lost, broken and scarred people, especially after an abusive marriage, a bad break-up, a crippling divorce or any other life trauma - restoring self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence.

3.  It empowers people by teaching them how to heal and transform their own lives by easy, step-by-step, self-help, training e-courses (via email) - helping people to help themselves.

4.  It assists people with marriage and relationship advice, helping couples to improve their relationship by helping them find their own solutions to problems - helping them not to give up until itís over, and not to let go until itís done.

5.  It helps people to make calm, realistic and well-considered decisions in case of separation or divorce, warning them against pitfalls and coaching them towards the quickest, least painful and amicable settlement and divorce = mediation.

6.  It supports people with D.I.Y. divorce guidelines and encourages them to stay the course until the settlement and divorce are final.

In order to make these unique services AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE to all people across the nation, the BandAid Strip utilises popular and most effective e-therapy via e-courses and email counselling/coaching

However, personal consultations are always available for local clients in the Western Cape.

Why is e(mail)-therapy so popular, convenient and successful?

Apart from the fact that many people all over the world are currently in need of additional help to deal with the trauma of life in a chaotic world, it helps to remember that the idea behind counselling dates back to the period where people first start to communicate.  It simply means sharing problems, or giving support and guidance while finding solutions together.

You can, therefore, start your own cycle of healing with unique therapeutic advantages through e-therapy which is more affordable and convenient as it happens in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office ... while nobody knows your name. 

You donít need to leave the safe boundaries of your comfort zone anymore in order to reap long-term and permanent therapeutic advantages.  It also remains easily accessible, day or night.  e-Therapy can therefore provide a safe and supportive environment where you can continue with your normal life while receiving support at your own pace in your own private space

Furthermore, narrative therapy, where you replace the spoken word with the written word, is highly recommendable for its unique benefits.  As written words linger much longer than a spoken word, you have the advantage of reading the same conversation as many times you need, providing more than enough time for effective reflection.

e-Therapy might have disadvantages for certain people, but the anonymity of e-therapy allows for an element of dis-inhibition in that there are no social or non-verbal cues to overcome, no embarrassment to deal with and no concerns about confidentiality as you remain safely ďhiddenĒ behind your own computer. 

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES!  Choices brought you to the place where you are now, and a single choice can move you away to a better place in your life RIGHT NOW

THINK ABOUT IT!  You don't even have to go out, you don't have to face a stranger, you don't have to hide behind secrets anymore, and you don't have to suffer the confusion, the pain, the constant struggle alone any longer. 

Where a personal consultation costs only R200 for 90 minutes, e-therapy costs a minimum fee of only R100 for every email received, read and replied. 

Send you email now and finally take back the control over your life -  & Facebook, Messenger or Whapp:  082 392 1663.

                                                                   Separation and divorce ...  

THE BANDAID STRIP Counselling/Coaching Services:
Never give up until itís over, and
donít let go until itís done!

The BandAid Strip specialises in
marriage and relationship counselling
(couple's therapy)

Although the aim is:
to help people heal their relationships/ marriages and overcome their differences,

the BandAid Strip offers
divorce mediation and affordable D.I.Y.-divorce guidance/assistance
when required -
but no legal advice.

Services available via:
personal consultations &
nationwide e(mail)-counselling:
popular, affordable,
effective, convenient,
(protecting your privacy through
temporary email account).

The BandAid Strip's expertise:
Life Crisis Management Skills
= life survival skills &
emotional healing/recovery
after trauma e.g. divorce, bad breakup,
dread disease, loss, unemployment

Life can be tough, but you don't
have to do it alone! 

Professional help, guidance and support are only an email away ... and nobody needs to know!
Why is the BandAid Strip the
PERFECT SOLUTION to your problems?

What makes the BandAid Strip so