The BandAid Strip:

As the cherry tree blossoms in every due season,
so the human spirit should be nurtured to do the same ...
     Heté Fourie
Founder  :  BandAid Strip Ministry
Counselling Therapist  :
  -  (Christian Faith and Holistic approach)
Adult Educator / Facilitator / Life Design Coach
Expertise  :  Life Crisis Management Skills
  -  (Self-help therapy training) 
Hermanus, Overberg and Western Cape

The BandAid Strip is all about
self-empowerment as key.

self-upliftment experience
the development of powerful and
practical life crisis management
HOW TO embrace your pain, hard-
ship, loss and trauma as things always
work out best for the people who make
the best of the way things work out.

Life is not perfect, but it doesn't need
to be constantly painful.

We just need to learn HOW TO deal
with life
effectively by detoxing and
managing our PAST
to transform
into an empowering
and healthy FUTURE.

At the BandAid Strip
you can unload
your overload, exchanging it for HOPE,
in a non-threatening, relaxed and
confidential environment.

Life can be tough,
but there's always a way -
Yes, you have to do it on your own,
but you don't have to do it alone!

Adult Educator: "
Educe", the root of "educate", literally means "to bring out" - adult educator assists you in the process of "bringing out" the answers and solu-tions implicit within yourself.

Facilitate", the root of "facile" or to make a process easy - facilitator makes learning easy.

Life Design Coach:
A coach is somebody who supports and guides based on real-life experience.  The process is forward-moving and future based, targeting cognitive processes (our own thinking mind) as a pri-mary tool to finding direction and solutions resulting in clarity and confidence.
Life is great, isn't it?

And we all deserve a great life overflowing with fun, joy, love, health, peace, success and all the rest of the nice stuff, don't we?  It is our birthright after all.

But ... things do not always work out the way we expect, the way it is supposed to and especially the way we deserve as good and decent people, right?

No, instead terrible, scary, hurtful and unwelcome nasty disasters happen to us and to our loved ones;  often impacting our lives in the most destructive ways imaginable -
   leaving us reeling with shock, pain and fearful desperation ...
   feeling utterly confused, powerless and overwhelmed ...
   knowing nothing will ever be the same again.

These unexpected disasters are called MAJOR LIFE CRISES and they possess enough toxic intensity to force us to start doubting ourselves, questioning our values, beliefs and faith;  especially the meaning of life and death, even all that we stand for and everything in between.  Nothing is left untouched.

Research identified the MAJOR LIFE CRISES as:
Serious financial difficulties, insolvency, unemployment, poverty -
*  Divorce - the most painful destructive impact on social structure -
*  Loss of a loved one or your own health due to a life-threatening disease -
*  Loss of your own value, personal identity and self-confidence due to trauma.

Whatever you do, please DO NOT underestimate the devastating impact of any of these MAJOR LIFE CRISES on your life and self-esteem as they often are truly full-blown disasters with the power to unexpectedly blast your comfortable existence into an alien and hostile orbit where terrifying forces will seem to take control of everything you hold dear UNLESS ...

You remember to remind yourself you are NOT a victim.
No, you are tough!
Maybe you don't know or feel it yet, but you are ... trust me!

You just need to learn HOW TO find that hidden core of toughness inside of you and yes! ... your fighting spirit really exists - BUT you need to first find yourself 'cos all the tools, solutions and answers to your dilemma and crisis are right inside of you ... ready and available whenever you are!

That is why you need to develop LIFE CRISIS MANAGEMENT SKILLS re:
     HOW TO
become tough,
     HOW TO stay tough and in control of your life and then ...
     HOW TO help others to survive and thrive as well = paying-it forward.

Remember:  When the going gets tough, the tough rise to the occasion. 


They refuse to give up.
They always survive.
They beat the odds time and time again.
They win because they know how to conquer.
They always come out tops ...
and then they help others to do the same!

If life crises are really unexpected learning curves, growth spurts and therefore valuable treasures in disguise, then the tough WILL learn and grow, and they WILL do what needs to be done to receive the victory.

They WILL fight back and turn their calamity into a glorified opportunity for transformation and they WILL NOT give up until it's done.

Yes, they WILL successfully harness the POWER OF TRANSFORMATION hidden in all trauma, pain, setbacks, disasters, challenges and loss.

For isn't it true
that a plain, low-life, very common little caterpillar must first lose its freedom and identity by turning into an insignificant cocoon before it can miraculously transform into a beautiful butterfly with exquisite wings and true freedom ... to be done with caterpillar-low-life-crawling for ever? 

Ever wondered what this secret ingredient of tough people is that enables them to overcome the toughest challenge to succeed - to make the best of any worst case scenario?  Why do they win while losers looooose?  Why do they end up soaring while their enemies go dooooown?  The answer is very simple.

See, it's all in HOW they perceive their problems (realistically and practically) and especially according to their own TRUTH. 

Above all, it is HOW they control their attitude towards a challenge - whether big or small.

In other words:  they know HOW TO put a problem or challenge in proper perspective, HOW TO solve and manage problems positively, and HOW TO refuse to surrender control of their lives to outside forces and factors.  My life, my rules!

They know:
trust themselves because they know who they truly are,
   HOW TO turn their short-term pain into long-term gain,
   HOW TO reach beyond their boundaries,
   HOW TO outgrow their comfort zones,
   HOW TO think bigger, reach farther, try harder than they ever have before.

They know HOW TO stay unwavered, focused, strong, bold and rock-solid in the face of adversity, awaiting breakthrough and victory - their spoils of war!


We all know tough babies do not exist and therefore tough people are not born that way.  So, naturally we are all born equal, but being tough - being a winner - is a learned skill, and an easy skill to learn as well.

It all starts with a simple decision:
     Enough of this penny-pinching poverty!
     No more constant worrying and despair!
     I've had it with the abuse, neglect, bullying and rejection!
     I'm sick of this hatred and bitterness!
     I am done feeling helpless and hopeless!
     There must be something better than this sorrow, pain and depression!
     I am fed-up with this cocoon of living hell - I deserve better!
     I'm tired of feeling invisible, worthless and lost!

Therefore it is now time for change ... because if something doesn't work, CHANGE IT!    How?

The BandAid Strip ministry offers AFFORDABLE and CONFIDENTIAL:
-  Anonymous e(mail)-therapy for online emotional support
-  1-to-1 personal consultations (emotional healing and life design coaching)
-  Self-help group workshops (How-to-survive-life-crises teaching & training.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact me on Facebook or at:   I would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, please DON'T take care.  Take a chance, take charge, take control ...
but please don't take care 'cos people who take care, never get anywhere!

I lived ... I survived ... I conquered!

Hessie BandAid Strip


"Party mense sukkel in die lewe;
hulle weet nie watter kant toe nie.
Dis asof hulle in die woestyn verdwaal het, nęrens kan hulle rus vind nie.

Hulle wil so graag gelukkig wees en hulle soek oplossings, maar kry niks.
Dit maak hulle moedeloos.
Hulle het geen krag meer oor nie.
In hulle nood het hulle geroep ...

Daar is mense wat in baie groot
moeilikheid is, dit lyk of hulle in 'n pikdonker plek vasgekeer is.  Hulle is vas en kan nie uitkom nie.  Dit voel of hulle swaarkry hulle soos 'n tronk vashou ..."
  Psalm 107

Vir baie van ons is die lewe
'n daaglikse val en opstaan ritueel sonder dat ons ooit werklik leer hoe om staande te bly.

'n Lewenskrisis is wanneer jy so hard val dat jy nie weet of jy ooit weer sal KAN of WIL opstaan nie.

Jy voel so flenters en "gebreek" dat jy eintlik vrees dat daar van jou stukke weg is en jy dus nooit weer heel sal kan wees nie.

DAAROM bied die BandAid Strip
'n simpatieke oor, deernis, begrip, ondersteuning, leiding, hoop, die moontlike kans op: uitkoms, nuwe drome en 'n nuwe begin.

Moenie toelaat dat die lewe jou verder afbreek en verniel nie, want onthou:  elkeen van ons wat gekom het waar ons is, moes begin waar ons was ... net soos jy en baie ander voor jou en baie ander na jou ook.

Die BandAid Strip Bediening bied BEKOSTIGBARE / VERTROULIKE:
  Anonieme e-pos hulp en onder-steuning
*  Een-tot-een persoonlike konsul-tasies (emosionele herstel en
life design coaching)
*  Self-help groep werkswinkels
(Hoe-om-die-lewe-te-oorleef lesings en opleiding).

VIR VERDERE BESONDERHEDE, kontak my sommer nou by:

Onthou:  dra lig aan jou gisters sodat dit jou nie vandag strem om by jou mores uit te kom nie!

Some people dream of catching stars
to glean from them some light,
but I would like to shape a star
and send it whirling into flight.

The product of my passion's fire
to mold it with my naked hands,
and feel the searing pain of flesh
as my star grows bold and grand.

If then I offer it to God,
I'll fling it with all my might
and gasp as it, a piece of me,
assumes its place in the
heavenly night.
Hi there and welcome!

Do you perhaps feel lost, battered, bruised or confused? 
Is your life by any chance falling to pieces, spinning out of control?

In that case, an extra warm welcome to you then!

Welcome to the BandAid Strip where you can start your own cycle
of healing
by discovering the art of being truly well ...

and, above all, HOW TO remain truly well for the rest of your life!
Founder - Ministry:
To the glory of God according to Prophetic Word received December 2006:
     "..... I (God) have brought you (Heté) through many trials and many fires of adversity and I have built a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom within you that must be preserved, released and distributed in the days ahead to those who need to know what you have known and experienced.
     Your testimony will encourage others to persevere and trust Me to the end because they can see for them-selves that you have come through much tribulation in victory, says the Lord ..."
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Counselling Therapist:  Assists in healing process through sympathetic support, encouragement, guidance and educational teaching.

Holistic Therapy
Addresses all aspects of a per-son's being e.g. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social, in order to recognize and celebrate the unique "inner" self.  It offers new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving - a deeper understanding of yourself, your responses and emotions.
     It offers empowering ways to deal with everyday life challenges through greater self-esteem and emotional healing.  It leads to more personal freedom, liberation, self realization as well as new realities - revealing who we truly are and the gift we bring to the world.